Clients have previously asked the following questions. Please feel free to contact us if you have any more questions.

Do you use any Candles on Candelabras?

Due to health and safety we cannot use candle on candelabras, we can use LED candles with candelabra’s

Do you do site visits?

We usually do site visits unless the venue is already known to us. This is discussed with the client and decided individually.

Do you dry hire your equipment?

We do not dry hire our equipment.

How tall are your mandaps?

Our mandaps vary in height depending on the style of mandap. Measurements are available in the mandap section within the Portfolio.

Do you have an in-house florist?

Yes we do, you can email her at or call on 020 3333 3333

How long can we hire your decor for?

We offer an all day hire on all of our products

Do you provide staging for external events?

The venue normally provides staging.

Do our display bars come with fridges?

Unfortunately not, this is something you would need to liaise with your venue & caterers.

Do you provide table linen for trestle tables at external events?

No, this is something your caterers would normally provide

Do you provide decor at other venues apart from Newland Manor?

Yes we do, please refer to our venues section on our website to see some of the venues we have previously worked at

Do you do wall draping for venues and marquees?

No, this is not something we do.

Do you provide decor for venues abroad?

We can provide décor outside of the UK and have done so previously. It is best to call us on 020 3333 3333 to discuss this further.

Do you provide marquees?

No we do not provide marquees.

What kind of services do you provide?

We have a wide range of services we can offer other than décor from our wedding venue to catering services, fresh flowers, invitations, car fleets, wedding cakes & many more. Please visit the portfolio section.

What type of mehndi themes do you do?

We have 3 mehndi themes, morrocan, Bollywood and peacock.

Do you have one to one meetings with clients to confirm all decor items?

Yes we do have a one to one meeting, we also liaise via email and telephone to confirm all decor for your event.

Do the p4 and p6 screens provide sound?

Only if we have been informed in advance. You would need to speak to the technical team.

What colours of mood lighting can be used?

We use RGB LED battons that cover a majority of colours.

Do your LED lights go in accordance to sound/music?

They can depending upon the light specifications.

Do the setup team stay during the event?

Not usually as once set up there is usually no requirement to do so. If the job requires it then this can be discussed individually.

How far do we travel?

We have conducted events all over the United Kingdom and Abroad. We are based in London and how far we can travel will depend upon a number of factors. Please call for further details.